Summer 2018

Image of Smile for Hope, the production partner and producer of Nomi Network's Summer 2018 CollectionAs a partner of Nomi Network, Smile for Hope is the vendor for our Summer 2018 Collection. Founded in 2017, this nonprofit provides employment, education, and hope for poor and disabled individuals living in the S’ang District of the Kandal Province, Cambodia. Persons with disabilities often are treated as outcasts and therefore more vulnerable to trafficking.

Nomi Network’s Fashion Incubator resides in Cambodia’s capital city of Phnom Penh. Smile for Hope's founder, Theavy, and her employees took part in the Nomi International Fashion Training (NIFT) where they improved their pattern making skills, use of pattern making tools, designs, and quality control. The training allowed Smile for Hope to feel confident in producing high-quality products.

This collection is proof of their growth and their dreams to succeed. As Nomi Network supports them through orders, your purchase has created jobs and income for Theavy’s producers which to enabled them to support their families and send their children to school.

Want to do more? Sponsor a woman a woman in India today!


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